Monday, August 31, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 5, Rant #7)

Hello everybody out there on the INTERNET superhighway of information!! HOW'S YOUR WEEKEND?!? HOW'S YOUR DAY?!?! If you answer is "fine" to both questions, great for you! And to help contribute to this fine day of yours, I present to you my weekly give to the world. Yea, you know what time it is. RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!!!!!

This weeks topic: I kept it cool. I promised I'd talk about politics and Obama and how he's doing. But I'm gonna have to save that topic for later this week. (Thanx Topaz Davis!) So I'm gonna go ahead and speak my truth again. Yes, also a topic suggested by the people. I'd like to thank my homie Lou Vaughn for the green light on going in! HERE WE GO FOLKS! (The following words in which you are about to read...may very well disturb you.)

I would like to talk about the word "HO".

Yes. "HO". What is a ho? What does the word "Ho" mean? Before I get into that, let me breakdown where this word actually came from. You see, "Ho" is actually a word derived from "Whore" and "Hoe". The word "whore" is defined in the dictionary as such:

1 : a woman who engages in sexual acts for money : prostitute; also : a promiscuous or immoral woman
2 : a male who engages in sexual acts for money
3 : a venal or unscrupulous person

The word "Hoe" is defined as a garden tool. Preferably to dig dirt around plants.

Now, as for the word "HO". The combination of both "whore" and "hoe" actually make sense to combine when you think of "HO". There are but few definitions for this termanology, but the one most commonly known throughout the world is what I'm going to mostly talk about today. You see, a ho is basically a person who frequently explores their sexuality through a mass quantity in a short amount of time, profit or no profit.

Now that I've given a somewhat general definition as to what a "Ho" is, I'm gonna break down a few symptoms of how you may fall into this catergory. (Whoooooo, I might get in trouble for this)

1: anytime you perform any sexual act (vaginal, oral or anal) with more than one person in a day....

2: anytime you use sex as a means of an exchange (i.e. a favor)

3: anytime you've practice a sexual act with a person, only to practice the same with a close acquaintance/friend/family member of that person....within a timespan of a week

4: anytime a person is talking (i.e. exclusively) to you (sex or no sex), and that person goes off and engages in sexual activity with any in that person's close circle

5: if you happen to engage in sexual activity within the 1st day of meeting them

6: if you engage in sexual activity with more than one person in the same the same TIME

7: If oral is engaged with no penetration on your 1st sexual encounter

8: If sex is followed after a cheap dinery like McDonalds on the 1st date

9: When ejaculation is practiced and preferred about the sternum/upper pectorial area. (basically your face)

Those are just a few examples. Now, the term "ho" generally applies to women. In today's society, we have several definitions for a woman who enjoys mass amount of sex but not the art of monogomy. Some are described as promiscious. Some are described as freaks. Some are described as dominant and empowered. Some are plain and simply women who just enjoy sex. But then you have those, who even with those descriptions, seem to miss one key element in their quest for sexual pleasure: Tact. You have to have tact about yourself to be able to enjoy sex. Seeing as how our world is based around the double standard, women are usually the ones most affected by this double edge sword. Of course I know all women are not like this. There are women, who exemplify the opposite. While they don't deny sex, they possess a tact not to present themselves in the public eye as a ho. Everything about a woman's presentation has to be just right. Smart, funny, sassy, business like, stern, friendly, but tough. Keep her inner thoughts controlled because she knows there is a time and place for everything. Basically, a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed. have hoes. Hoes, hoes, hoes. You know the ones. You don't call them any other time, except for one thing. No going out. No dates. Not much convo. No cuddle. No sweet talk. Just screwing around and getting nasty. I'm talking so nasty, you don't even give them a towel to wipe themselves. LOL (sorry I had to laugh at that one.) You can't be seen in daylight with them. No public events. Don't even think about parties. That's when they become officially active and anybody is game for them. They usually present the best sex stories because they are so experienced. They can also present the worst because their goods have been explored so much, they become stale. My favorite quote on this topic was formed:

"You can have one love: the hoes are for EVERYBODY"!

And it's TRUE! You can have a hoe for one second; the next second they're with one of your friends. But they don't stop there. It ranges throughout any family member too! Cousins, brothers, sisters, etc.

There are also synonyms to describe a hoe:

2:skeet mission
3:Busdown (bussa for short)

Though this is generally a term used to describe women with these symptoms, men can be described as hoes too. Actually, men in general are the perfect description of "Hoe". But then again, the double standard is put into play. So when men are described as "hoes", we tend to use that term to basically strip a man of his manhood. Appearing as weak to the public eye. If a man does something that would not be suited as manlike behavior, he would be described as a hoe.

With this theory in mind, I tend to think that there are a lot of hoes out there than what I realize. Though I believe that we as human have common knowledge as to what a hoe is, why is it that individuals tend to get mad when they find out some of their actions perfectly fit the description of what a hoe is?! LOL Maybe it's not so much as to them being hoes because they don't practice all of those actions. But once you follow one, you fall into the category of being "ho-ish". Believe me, EVERYBODY IN THIS WORLD HAS A HO-ISH TRAIT!! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID EVERYBODY DOES! But again, it's all in a matter of how you present yourself. Once you master that, you'll be just fine.

And remember...hoes need love too. (I get the tickles just typing that.)

LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! And hey, if you want to add to the list of "Ho Symptoms" feel free.

Yep....I want one of these!


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