Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 6, Rant #8)

SHIVER ME TIMBERS FACEBOOK!! Labor day weekend I'm sure was ill for most of you. If you actually practiced labor on labor day..or the weekend....sorry. LOL ANYWHO!! Enough with the formal greets. You know what time it is right? RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!!!! (I should have a 70's theme song after that. LOL)

So now that we got THAT out of the way, you know how I take suggestions from the people about whatever topic they choose. And today is no exception....I have a topic from old friend I haven't seen in a while. And heeeeeeerrrrrreeeee we gooooooo!!!

Charlyn Lenore September 8 at 2:56pm
can you talk about ppl who spend money on stupid shit just to look good or feel special.
Ex- tellin how your shoes cost $200 and you stiill live with your momma

OR you bout a PS3 Xbox whatever and you still live with your momma

OR you bought a car put $700 rims on it, $300 tints and $1000 candy paint job and still live with your momma and then have the nerve to talk about how broke you are.

Just a suggestion...because i'm so tired of seein our generation throw money away for the sake of 'status'.
No harm done if you don't use it.

Well, Charlyn.....I agree. 100 percent. See, our generation today is about the image. The look. What's fresh. What's hot. The basic illusion of portraying being above a certain status quote of life. But why is that? Why is that people are so infatuated with living such a high profile, that they feel the need to fake the funk just so people can talk about them and think they're what's cool? Like seriously, let everybody tell it, they all getting money.

You got spinners. You got rims. You got the most expensive clothes. You got the latest games. You buying out the bar. You got the newest shoe. You got the most expensive purse. You got money in your pocket. That's all good and everything. But I got one question to ask you...and I honestly want you to answer this. Pardon my french: Do we as a people really give a fuck?!?! Like seriously, do you honestly think that it actually matters in the long haul? Like there are just not enough problems in the world today? Do you not realize we not in the best of times economically speaking?

Just look at how some of y'all sound right now. "I got them thangs on the whip! 28 inches sitting high! Clean on the outside, Cream on the inside!" (Translation: I just spent my refund check from school to get this.) "I spent $250 on the jeans! A bill on the shirt cuz! You ain't fresh as I'm is!!" (Translation: I just spent my whole paycheck to stay fly.) "Nigga, This GUCCI!!' "Bitch, this PRADA!" "Louis Vutton". (Translation: I saw that on T.V and thought it was cool.)

If you took the time out to spend all this money on all these material things and you still upset at how broke you are, you just about as stupid as Jerry Krause petitioning Micheal Jordan! Think of all the things the money toward those purchases could've gone to. That could've been a better car. Food for groceries. Bills being paid. Investments being made to make more money. I seriously feel like people tend to try to fake it until they make it. The problem is, it's not enough people making it. Unemployment rates are still high. Foreclosures on homes and businesses. Projects being torn down (R.I.P. the Ickies.)

If you making all of this money to buy those material things you brag SOOOOOO much about, why you still at home with mommy? Where's YOUR house or apt? Where's YOUR car? How are you even making all of this money? I seriously doubt that everybody is out "trapping" and getting money. I'm not a hustler, dealer or no type of supplier. But I've been around the block a few times. I've seen that lifestyle. That lifestyle is guaranteeing three things.

1:ending up broke
2:locked up doing a bid
3: dead

Everybody is not built for that life. So one of my other conclusions is that these type of folks leech off their family's money. That's all good. Just don't downplay others who are not as fortunate in having your luck. Karma can changet that luck with the blink of an eye. There's also those who have a job, but fake the funk just to fit in with the in crowd. The limelight ain't all of what it seems...trust me! Cause when reality hits, it's back home you go and you wake up into the real world. My last conclusion is probably the most obvious one: they don't have it. Which is probably the most logical seeing as how we in a recession. LOL

In my opinion, money isn't neccessarily the root of all evil. Your use of the money might be depending on what you do with it. It's funny how the Kanye "Good Life" line kinda applies to this rant:

"Gettin' money's not everything, not having it is....."

I don't know....I'm not really into the whole "I'm Gettin' Money" theme. I just live life and have fun. Or maybe it's my quote I live by thanx to my lil' homie Ramon Maybell.

C.R.E.E.D. (Cash Rules Everything Except Dee)

for the love of money.....

Leave feedback folks. You know the drill.....


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