Monday, September 28, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 9, Rant #12)


What's going on, people? I wanna 1st Thank God for blessing you (the reader) and I for waking up this morning. 2ndly, I wanna say this rant is really painful for me to even think about, let alone talk about. So please pay attention. This is serious. Chicago..wake up. For real. Here we go.

Now I posted this link because there is a story there that I really want you to read. There's also a video that I really want you to see. It's not a pretty sighting. In fact, it's a sickening sighting. But the fact is that it's the harsh reality of what goes on in my city that you don't know about. This ain't a movie. This is real life.

Long story short. On the southside of Chicago at Fenger High School, a gang fight broke out three blocks away. Four students were beaten, but there was one who was killed. His name was Derrion Albert. He was only 16 years old. Trying to help a friend out of that fight, he was hit in the head with a board. As he fell from that blow, he was stomped and beaten to death by a gang.

I'm not gonna try to articulate my opinion and word it right. I'mma give it to you straight up. THIS IS FUCKED UP CHICAGO!!! Seriously FUCKED UP!! That was somebody's son who did not deserve that. He did not deserve to be killed in this way. I would not wish that on any man, woman or child. But this is even more messed up. To know that people are not safe no matter where you go. See, it's not just affecting us as adults. It's not just a grown person's problem. ANYBODY CAN GET KILLED FROM JUST WALKING DOWN THE STREET!! That means it's not just a man's problem. Women and children are subject to suffer this same fate! The craziest thing is that from the past few years, Chicago has been subjected to HOMICIDES! Mostly affecting our youth. (For those who don't get what I'm saying, IT'S KILLING OUR CHILDREN!!!)

And from what?!? GANG BANGING??! Wearing ya hat a certain way?!? Certain Colors?!? THROWIN' UP RETARD ASS SIGNS WITH YOUR HANDS?!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!? That was maybe considered okay when the orignal founders of these gangs were around. Back then when these gangs were created, there was a purpose. I'm not gonna get into all of that. Just watch Gangland on the Histroy Channel. Chicago should be featured at least 6 or 7 times!!!

Like for real. I grew up on the SouthEastSide of Chicago. This was all I was surrounded by. I've even been jumped by a gang once. By the grace of God, I'm still here and I'm still standing. Thank God I was raised by a great family and a great community to not fall into that bullshit. I've got friends who were involved in it. Some still are. I've had some family involved in it. Some still are. Results varied for each of them. From leaving that life alone, to still being involved in it, to either getting locked up, drugged up or dying from it. So needless to say, I ain't in the Gang life, but I know 1st hand what the streets can do to you.

What's even more scarier for me is that our kids of the next generation gotta grow up in this madness. The kids are being killed off one by one. It's fucking with me personally because I have a son on the way. And THIS IS WHAT TYPE OF TIMES I GOTTA RAISE HIM IN?!? I gotta make sure that he's protected and well educated about how crazy this world is. Up until the point where he's old enough to manage and take care of himself. And I'LL STILL BE worried about him, maybe even more because he's older.


So to the family of Derrion Albert, I send my prayers and condolences for you. Hopefully from your tragedy, we as a people will wake up and realize that this needs to stop.

To anybody that's reading this....I want you to click on that link, read the story and watch the video. Then you can see that reality that is our city. This IS a problem. It DOES need to be fixed. IMMEDIATELY!! Save our our families...or you could be the next Derrion Albert.

Leave ya feedback people. God bless.

Until the next rant.....My name is Anthony D. Ingram Jr. And I'm signing out

Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Rant Of the Week!!! (Week 8, Rant #11)

AYE!! AYE!! AYE!! OKAY!!!-O.J. da juiceman

Well, enough with the mess around, let's get straight to it! RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEERRRREEEE WEEEEE GOOOOOOOOO!!!!

So our topic comes from the big homie Quintell Wright who poses this question: Why do jocks, preps, "bad bitch" bffs & any other goofy cliques exist. Just why?

Jocks. Preps. "Bad Bitch" bffs. Just one of many stereotypes created today's youthful social circles. You see them everytime you walk down the street. Everytime you attend class. Everytime you party at a club. You're going to see one of these collective groups decorating the social scene of today. They pretty much have an effect on individuals as far as style, attitude and behavior. The term "clique" is basically comprised of a group of individuals who come together to socialize based from one common thought that is shared by one another. Usually the substance that bonds them together revolves around at least one superficial belief that holds true to them.

The question that comes to mind is this: Why do they belief that their ways are better than others?Well, let's look through these examples of types of "cliques" that we have: "Jocks", "Preps", "Bad Bitch", "Nerds", "Thugs", "Busdowns", "Rockstar"...well, you get the general idea.

I actually believe that the general base behind these cliques are that these individuals just look for a common place to feel like themselves among people. I mean, people really feel like they have to impress people with things that they think are cool. Almost as if to say, "if I have this, I'm the S**t." People need something to have an edge over others to differentiate themselves from other people.

Most commonly, the cliques are at their most noticed when a certain trend tends to center around their existance. Basically giving them their 15 mins. of fame. A good example of this would be the "Skinny Jean" movement amongst men. There was once upon a time where tight jeans was once used to describe a man as less masculine. Along with trends such as bright colors and accessories, back in the day it wasn't considered as a heterosexual description of a man. Nowadays, ever since The Cool Kids became original going against the fashion grain, especially after a period of being ridiculed for the tight fitting clothing, it seems nowadays it's the new thing.

I state this point, not to go in on trends and the people that follow them, but to further explain exactly how cliques work. You know the saying, "Every dog has it's day". Well that's how it is with cliques. Notice how being a Nerd is the new gangsta. Or how wearing baggy or saggy clothes are the new lame. The Rockstar movement had it's effect for a while. All it takes is for somone to say something different and lead by their examples. It all comes around eventually. This is how you see a new class of society rise and define a period of time.

I'm really kind of indifferent about this topic because I really never saw myself as a part of any cliques. I always made it a choice myself to stand out. I don't like to tie myself down to one category. I tend to think I'm the opposite of everything because that's how I feel the most real. Amongst everybody as well as myself. You know? I don't knock you if you're involved in a clique. It's just the general appearance of a clique comes off as a group of superficial people who only feel good with being around each other. Almost no since of individualism or a sense of self-originality. You know?

So, this topic, I don't really have a conclusion to draw on this. I'd actually like to learn what you think about it. So leave me your feedback. For real, cause I just gave an idea that I think about it. Not neccessarily facts on it. So maybe you can help me.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 7, Rant #10)


Props to BigHomie by the way. What's good people? I promised y'all three rants this week, so now I have to deliver. Here's Rant #2 for this week.....HEEEERRRREEE WEEEE GOOOOOOOO!!!!

This topic comes from a friend who's been peeping my rants, and she gives this topic to rant on:

Shalora Jasper September 9 at 5:52pm
talk about how men & women need to keep the excitement alive in their relationship. not jus sexually but in like everyday things

Ahhhhh....relationships. As if people really believe in THESE things anymore! LOL However, if you do, then this would present a good point. There is nothing worse than a boring routine relationships. You do the same thing, in the same way with no switch-ups. No form of variety in affection nor communication. It's pretty much the closest thing to jail. Too much of one thing can be a bit of an overkill. That's just here's a few suggestions on how to keep relationships alive.

1: Go out.
Not like that regular movie/mcdonald's crib thing. Like Go out. There's so much in life you can explore. Such as museums, plays, concerts, parties, etc. Hell, even simple things such as the lakefront, the park, you know. Make an event out of little things...

2: Become part of the family.
You don't have to always be around each other to feel closer to your partner. You never know what the future holds. Be cool with the family. Think marriage without the marriage, ya dig?

3: Cook.
Can't stress this enough. Cooking is apart of the relationship process. A good way to the heart is thru the NO CHOKE SANDWICHES!! Ladies....I think you know this beter than anybody. But fellas, y'all need to get on it too! Switch it up.

Nothing wrong with a little spoiling now and then. Keeps your partner with something to look forward to each day. Who knows what you go thru in your 24 hours? You know what they say...try a little tenderness.

5: Argue
Hell, everything ain't always gonna be peaches and cream. Don't hold in any frustrations. It's only going to mess you up later. Arguing actually allows your partner to know you have feelings and you're human. You know? Get it out your system.

6: Sex
Yep. I said it. SEX! It's 2009. Not off 1st hand. Maybe it's not your thing until marriage. But we are human, and the weakness of the flesh can get to you. So if you going about this, stay safe first of all. (WRAP THAT SHIT UP, B!!). Make sure it's a dual effort, you can't be selfish. Tend to your partner's needs so that you both can enjoy.

Probably should've listed this as number 1. Conversation is always key in maintaining a relationship. Anytime you can stimulater your partner's mind and keep it going, you're sure to be a keeper.

8: Laughter
Safe to say I'm not going in any particular order because this should've been number 2. You have to have a good sense of humor. Laughter is always a great medicine, even when you feel the need to cry at times. It makes life much easier.

9: Appreciate
Not a lot of us really practice this word. Appreciationg is very vital. There are a lot of people looking for love, especially in terms of finding a potential mate. Not everybody is lucky to have that feeling or know what this is like. So to make sure yours is maintained for a long time, please...PLEASE learn to appreciate your partner for all he/she is. Flaws and all. You know? Cause if you don't, someone else will.

If you follow these other nine steps correctly, it could eventually build and lead to this. Learn the difference between lust, like, and love. See lust is basic sex. Like would be sex combined with only a few of these steps above. However Love.....Love is all of these steps above combined into this one.

I normally would rant and go in on this. But I'm a bit perplexed. Because I have loved, been in love, fell out of love, and back again. Hoping to find that one that just stays. But that's just me personally. I followed all these steps, and I've had good results. But the bonus step I may have forgot to consistancy. You keep it consistant, you'll be very happy for a long time.

Feel free to comment folks. And remember, hit me with your suggestions in the inbox. You dig?

If dogs can do this...damnit, why can't we? LOL


Monday, September 14, 2009


Yep. It's the MTV EDITION! So we already know where this is going. LOL

9/13/2009-8:00pm ct. MTV has brought to us The Video Music Awards (VMA'S) in New York City. There were plenty of superstars as well as performances. Lots of moments that made this year special, but there were a few highlights that got everybody talking. SO HERE WE GO!

1st off. This should really be what everybody is talking about. We lost an Icon for many of generations. I'm talking about the legendary KING OF POP Micheal Jackson. The award show opened with a very heartfelt speech by Madonna. Reminding us all that Micheal was a King, but also a human.....that we as people were all touched by his music and loved him....but we also abandoned him from those terrible stories that were written about him. Also reminding us that we really didn't appreciate him until we lost him...but his music will forever live on. Following Madonna's speech, a heartfelt montage of Micheal Jackson videos followed by his infamous choreagraphed dance steps (Thriller, Who's Bad, Smooth Criminal). Then came the duet of Micheal and sister Janet Jackson. BANANAS!!! You can tell she was emotionally driven to make her big brother proud. GREATEST TRIBUTE EVER!!!!!

Much love to Janet. R.I.P to Micheal Jackson.

The next following...not so Great! Of course I'm talking about the Infamous Taylor Swift/Kanye West Incident! (DA DA DUUUUNNN)....So Taylor wins the award for best female video. Her 1st major award. Pretty dope. 17 years old with a moon man. Tight. She's baffled..and shocked! And then comes Kanye'. Mr. West. Yeezy. Jumping on stage, apologizing to Taylor b4 hand and saying he'll let her finish, then he begins to share his thoughts. "Beyonce's video was the best video of ALL TIME!" Shrugs...and walks off the stage. LMAO I'll admit. Kanye was pretty damn foul for that one. But I say that not because of what he did. I personally feel it's because of who he did that too. It only appears bogus because of the fact that the winner was 17 years old. She's just a kid. That's the only part I can't get with. I do stress that she did not deserve that. And then, to have to perform right after that?! That's just COLD!

Other than that, I just Laughed!! LMAO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off)!! That's right! Because I figure this: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU (the people) SO MAD FOR?!? IT'S KANYE! What did you expect?!? This is what he does! He says what's on his mind. At all times! Whether he's right or he's wrong. In this case, personally, I think his opinion was correct! Just the wrong time to speak it. Since I'm being real with everybody, he basically said what everybody in the audience and the viewers were all thinking. They were all thinking Beyonce' should have won. Sorry. It is what it is. People act like Kanye was dissing them personally. PISS OFF! Kanye makes good..scratch that. GREAT music. 1st amendment folks. Freedom of speech. You gave him that power. Let him do him. People are too damn sensitive! For real. If this was Lady Gaga (just throwing it out there), or another older name of great importance, y'all wouldn't have said SHIT! Speaking real. Throughout the night, the people begin to boo Kanye whenever they mentioned his name. I personally wanted him to win one award so he could shit on them with kindness. The perfect revenge. So I leave this matter as this: It's Kanye. Love him, or hate him.

This dude Here! LOL Poor Taylor LOL

The next monumental moment came from Lady Gaga. I have no crazy opinion on her.She is talented. She is a great performer. Though in my sick opinon..and this is just my sick opinion...I am frightened of Lady Gaga. Last night's performance frightened me. I did get the message in which she was relaying as she performed her song "Paparatzzi". She was basically explaining that the paparatzzi can drive an entertainer so mad, to the point of death. And even in death, they will still take pictures and be papartzzi. So fame isn't all it's cracked up to be. But this is how you can tell she sent her message perfectly: I think this broad is crazy! The bleeding simultaneously?!? Woooooww. Then her acceptance speech for winning best new artist. "Thank God and Gays". Though I do acknowlege her stepping it up for the Gay community, that's just a common oxymoron you don't put together. And I'd like to give an observation to people...and I'm just giving an opinion here: WATCH THE CROTCH!! (NO HOMO!) I got an urging suspecious feeling Lady Gaga ain't no "LADY" to gaga about. (just saying)

and this don't read strange to you?

There were performances from Paramore, Green Day, and Pink (damn she's sexy). Wale did a great job as the musical guest for the night. Though I feel like the should've showed more love for the man. Kid Cudi did nice with his tribute to DJ AM. Pitbull was cool. Though I didn't like his Kanye comments. Eminem took it home for best male Hip Hop. DOPENESS! EMINEM IS BACK, YOU BASTARDS!!! Oh, and those Em and Tracy Morgan skits were funny.

Beyonce even killed it with her performance. *GASPS* Is Anthony showing love to Beyonce'?! Yes, yes I am. I can't deny a good show. Plus she displayed a great amount of class in accepting her award for Best Video of the Year. (Guess Kanye called it? hmm) She showed her graciousness by letting Taylor Swift finish her acceptance speech. That's big.

B got class. :-)

Now, for MY favorite part of the night. The Big Homie Jay-Z did it again! Strolling in like he's the Hip Hop Obama. He and Alicia Keys perform "Empire State of Mind". Proving exactly why he runs Hip Hop. So while everybody hates on the man, do what he's done. Seriously. LOL His album is the most talked about this year. All the questions. All the debating. He delivered. And Alicia Keys? Sexy. Singing live. Just overall Dope. ........and then Lil' Mama came in. What the hell?! Didn't even know she was at the award show! How the hell did she just jump on stage? I mean, I know what her intentions were. She's from New York. She wanted to show her pride in being from New York. And who doesn't want to stand next to Hova? But don't do that again Lil' Mama. Please and thank you. But throught all of that, Jay wasn't phased. GOD EMCEE FOR REAL!! He's just so cool with it.

Alecia Keys: Wifey :-)
Lil' Mama: WTF?

All and all, throught the good and the bad, this was the best VMA's in years. Russel Brand on the hosting? Outrageous! That is a funny english bastard right there! Yessir indeed! I only wish I could TIVO these moments or DHR as opposed to YouTubing.

Leave ya feedbacks on what you thought about it. I got 2 more rants this weeks.....I'm feeling good.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 6, Rant #8)

SHIVER ME TIMBERS FACEBOOK!! Labor day weekend I'm sure was ill for most of you. If you actually practiced labor on labor day..or the weekend....sorry. LOL ANYWHO!! Enough with the formal greets. You know what time it is right? RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!!!! (I should have a 70's theme song after that. LOL)

So now that we got THAT out of the way, you know how I take suggestions from the people about whatever topic they choose. And today is no exception....I have a topic from old friend I haven't seen in a while. And heeeeeeerrrrrreeeee we gooooooo!!!

Charlyn Lenore September 8 at 2:56pm
can you talk about ppl who spend money on stupid shit just to look good or feel special.
Ex- tellin how your shoes cost $200 and you stiill live with your momma

OR you bout a PS3 Xbox whatever and you still live with your momma

OR you bought a car put $700 rims on it, $300 tints and $1000 candy paint job and still live with your momma and then have the nerve to talk about how broke you are.

Just a suggestion...because i'm so tired of seein our generation throw money away for the sake of 'status'.
No harm done if you don't use it.

Well, Charlyn.....I agree. 100 percent. See, our generation today is about the image. The look. What's fresh. What's hot. The basic illusion of portraying being above a certain status quote of life. But why is that? Why is that people are so infatuated with living such a high profile, that they feel the need to fake the funk just so people can talk about them and think they're what's cool? Like seriously, let everybody tell it, they all getting money.

You got spinners. You got rims. You got the most expensive clothes. You got the latest games. You buying out the bar. You got the newest shoe. You got the most expensive purse. You got money in your pocket. That's all good and everything. But I got one question to ask you...and I honestly want you to answer this. Pardon my french: Do we as a people really give a fuck?!?! Like seriously, do you honestly think that it actually matters in the long haul? Like there are just not enough problems in the world today? Do you not realize we not in the best of times economically speaking?

Just look at how some of y'all sound right now. "I got them thangs on the whip! 28 inches sitting high! Clean on the outside, Cream on the inside!" (Translation: I just spent my refund check from school to get this.) "I spent $250 on the jeans! A bill on the shirt cuz! You ain't fresh as I'm is!!" (Translation: I just spent my whole paycheck to stay fly.) "Nigga, This GUCCI!!' "Bitch, this PRADA!" "Louis Vutton". (Translation: I saw that on T.V and thought it was cool.)

If you took the time out to spend all this money on all these material things and you still upset at how broke you are, you just about as stupid as Jerry Krause petitioning Micheal Jordan! Think of all the things the money toward those purchases could've gone to. That could've been a better car. Food for groceries. Bills being paid. Investments being made to make more money. I seriously feel like people tend to try to fake it until they make it. The problem is, it's not enough people making it. Unemployment rates are still high. Foreclosures on homes and businesses. Projects being torn down (R.I.P. the Ickies.)

If you making all of this money to buy those material things you brag SOOOOOO much about, why you still at home with mommy? Where's YOUR house or apt? Where's YOUR car? How are you even making all of this money? I seriously doubt that everybody is out "trapping" and getting money. I'm not a hustler, dealer or no type of supplier. But I've been around the block a few times. I've seen that lifestyle. That lifestyle is guaranteeing three things.

1:ending up broke
2:locked up doing a bid
3: dead

Everybody is not built for that life. So one of my other conclusions is that these type of folks leech off their family's money. That's all good. Just don't downplay others who are not as fortunate in having your luck. Karma can changet that luck with the blink of an eye. There's also those who have a job, but fake the funk just to fit in with the in crowd. The limelight ain't all of what it me! Cause when reality hits, it's back home you go and you wake up into the real world. My last conclusion is probably the most obvious one: they don't have it. Which is probably the most logical seeing as how we in a recession. LOL

In my opinion, money isn't neccessarily the root of all evil. Your use of the money might be depending on what you do with it. It's funny how the Kanye "Good Life" line kinda applies to this rant:

"Gettin' money's not everything, not having it is....."

I don't know....I'm not really into the whole "I'm Gettin' Money" theme. I just live life and have fun. Or maybe it's my quote I live by thanx to my lil' homie Ramon Maybell.

C.R.E.E.D. (Cash Rules Everything Except Dee)

for the love of money.....

Leave feedback folks. You know the drill.....


Monday, August 31, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 5, Rant #7)

Hello everybody out there on the INTERNET superhighway of information!! HOW'S YOUR WEEKEND?!? HOW'S YOUR DAY?!?! If you answer is "fine" to both questions, great for you! And to help contribute to this fine day of yours, I present to you my weekly give to the world. Yea, you know what time it is. RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!!!!!

This weeks topic: I kept it cool. I promised I'd talk about politics and Obama and how he's doing. But I'm gonna have to save that topic for later this week. (Thanx Topaz Davis!) So I'm gonna go ahead and speak my truth again. Yes, also a topic suggested by the people. I'd like to thank my homie Lou Vaughn for the green light on going in! HERE WE GO FOLKS! (The following words in which you are about to read...may very well disturb you.)

I would like to talk about the word "HO".

Yes. "HO". What is a ho? What does the word "Ho" mean? Before I get into that, let me breakdown where this word actually came from. You see, "Ho" is actually a word derived from "Whore" and "Hoe". The word "whore" is defined in the dictionary as such:

1 : a woman who engages in sexual acts for money : prostitute; also : a promiscuous or immoral woman
2 : a male who engages in sexual acts for money
3 : a venal or unscrupulous person

The word "Hoe" is defined as a garden tool. Preferably to dig dirt around plants.

Now, as for the word "HO". The combination of both "whore" and "hoe" actually make sense to combine when you think of "HO". There are but few definitions for this termanology, but the one most commonly known throughout the world is what I'm going to mostly talk about today. You see, a ho is basically a person who frequently explores their sexuality through a mass quantity in a short amount of time, profit or no profit.

Now that I've given a somewhat general definition as to what a "Ho" is, I'm gonna break down a few symptoms of how you may fall into this catergory. (Whoooooo, I might get in trouble for this)

1: anytime you perform any sexual act (vaginal, oral or anal) with more than one person in a day....

2: anytime you use sex as a means of an exchange (i.e. a favor)

3: anytime you've practice a sexual act with a person, only to practice the same with a close acquaintance/friend/family member of that person....within a timespan of a week

4: anytime a person is talking (i.e. exclusively) to you (sex or no sex), and that person goes off and engages in sexual activity with any in that person's close circle

5: if you happen to engage in sexual activity within the 1st day of meeting them

6: if you engage in sexual activity with more than one person in the same the same TIME

7: If oral is engaged with no penetration on your 1st sexual encounter

8: If sex is followed after a cheap dinery like McDonalds on the 1st date

9: When ejaculation is practiced and preferred about the sternum/upper pectorial area. (basically your face)

Those are just a few examples. Now, the term "ho" generally applies to women. In today's society, we have several definitions for a woman who enjoys mass amount of sex but not the art of monogomy. Some are described as promiscious. Some are described as freaks. Some are described as dominant and empowered. Some are plain and simply women who just enjoy sex. But then you have those, who even with those descriptions, seem to miss one key element in their quest for sexual pleasure: Tact. You have to have tact about yourself to be able to enjoy sex. Seeing as how our world is based around the double standard, women are usually the ones most affected by this double edge sword. Of course I know all women are not like this. There are women, who exemplify the opposite. While they don't deny sex, they possess a tact not to present themselves in the public eye as a ho. Everything about a woman's presentation has to be just right. Smart, funny, sassy, business like, stern, friendly, but tough. Keep her inner thoughts controlled because she knows there is a time and place for everything. Basically, a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed. have hoes. Hoes, hoes, hoes. You know the ones. You don't call them any other time, except for one thing. No going out. No dates. Not much convo. No cuddle. No sweet talk. Just screwing around and getting nasty. I'm talking so nasty, you don't even give them a towel to wipe themselves. LOL (sorry I had to laugh at that one.) You can't be seen in daylight with them. No public events. Don't even think about parties. That's when they become officially active and anybody is game for them. They usually present the best sex stories because they are so experienced. They can also present the worst because their goods have been explored so much, they become stale. My favorite quote on this topic was formed:

"You can have one love: the hoes are for EVERYBODY"!

And it's TRUE! You can have a hoe for one second; the next second they're with one of your friends. But they don't stop there. It ranges throughout any family member too! Cousins, brothers, sisters, etc.

There are also synonyms to describe a hoe:

2:skeet mission
3:Busdown (bussa for short)

Though this is generally a term used to describe women with these symptoms, men can be described as hoes too. Actually, men in general are the perfect description of "Hoe". But then again, the double standard is put into play. So when men are described as "hoes", we tend to use that term to basically strip a man of his manhood. Appearing as weak to the public eye. If a man does something that would not be suited as manlike behavior, he would be described as a hoe.

With this theory in mind, I tend to think that there are a lot of hoes out there than what I realize. Though I believe that we as human have common knowledge as to what a hoe is, why is it that individuals tend to get mad when they find out some of their actions perfectly fit the description of what a hoe is?! LOL Maybe it's not so much as to them being hoes because they don't practice all of those actions. But once you follow one, you fall into the category of being "ho-ish". Believe me, EVERYBODY IN THIS WORLD HAS A HO-ISH TRAIT!! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID EVERYBODY DOES! But again, it's all in a matter of how you present yourself. Once you master that, you'll be just fine.

And remember...hoes need love too. (I get the tickles just typing that.)

LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! And hey, if you want to add to the list of "Ho Symptoms" feel free.

Yep....I want one of these!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! (Week 4, Rant #7)

YO, YO, YO, YO, YOOOOOOOO!!!! (in cheesy wanna be down, hip hop voice) It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you...without a dope rant to step to....So with that said. WEEK 4! RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!!

Now...these topics. I swear, I'm the facebook Dr. Phil. LOL It seems that I'm getting all sorts of relationship topics. I mean, these suggestions I've received. Wow, it's the season changing I guess. The summer boo/single life is winding down...and cuddling season is approaching. I guess y'all wanna know my opinion on some things b4 y'all make moves. Well, seeing as how, I don't sugar coat nothing..I guess I can tell the truth. So I'm gonna answer all of this week's 1 rant. That's right, 1 RANT! HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!

1st suggestion: Joy Antoinette: men who mistreat a woman that sticks by their side thru all the bullshit. talk about that! lol

Hmmmmmm....Men who mistreat women. I'm just gonna be str8 up. Women....I love y'all. I love your figure, your features, your essence. I love everything there is to love about a woman. But I have to say it. You all respond to the negative more than you do the positive sometimes. I've always made this argument, and it's become more apparent nowadays. Women respond better when men treat them like crap. I've seen and heard almost every girl I've known imaginable always complaining about a man at some point. It's always a complaint. Men are dogs. Men ain't this. Men are that. And yet, you leave one copy of this type of guy, only to go into another one of the same type of guy. I do feel sorry for those women who get hurt from this type of guy. I do feel like women should not be hurt only if they are not deserving of it. Women who stick by their men, only to be treated with such wrong. I do feel for y'all, because I know it's hard out here to find decent men. It's like the old saying goes: "A woman's life is love...and a man's love is Life".

This leads me to my next suggestion:

how niggas say they just wanna be friend but they want the benifit of a boyfriend

So in translation: Dudes who want the boyfriend benefit of screwing around, but don't want the title. Though the idea makes perfect sense, the approach from these guys is all wrong. See, I'm a firm believer of just sayin' what it is. If you just want a cuddy buddy, then make it known. The problem is we can't express that as such. Most likely because a real woman will always want more than that. Women think with their emotions about a good 80% percent of the time. Men have this thing of thinking with our heads (both of them). It's not that many women who look for the same thing we do. Every woman at some point wants a relationship. Guys can be content with just sex and being cool. We don't like to let our emotions get the best of us....that's not our job. But nowadays, there are women who want the same thing as these guys. It's just up to you to make it known.

Which leads me into my final suggestion

Quintell Wright

Today at 9:57pm
talk about girls who love 100% "assholes" if u choose. i always been curious

Brother Q. I couldn't have said it better myself. Women love assholes. That ties my point back to the 1st suggestion. Women like assholes. Don't know why tho. Maybe it's a challenge factor. But it's not so funny when your feelings get involved. Then the story changes to such statements: "I want a real man. I want a gentleman. I want a nice guy." That's bull. I've been saying that since forever. This is my standing on things.....this is a general perspective. It's only cool to be a nice guy when it's money involved. You basically make her laugh just for the entertainment. Make sure the sex is great to keep them. And have a mean streak about you somewhere. Because if gives a woman comfort to know that if you show some type of affection, they're gonna feel that they had something to do with it. Which makes them feel good. They like the feeling of knowing they changed a man in someway. You show too much niceness, the pushover syndrome comes in. When the pushover syndrome comes, the challenge is over. They become bored with the man. Henceforth, the asshole not only survives a relationship...but actually dominates it somehow.

Kinda weird, huh? But look at each statement I've just said. Examine it....and if you see where I can somehow draw truth from it, then you'll understand what I'm saying.

My favorite cartoon character (Stewie Griffin) once asked: "Do women like it when you treat them like crap?" LOL I conclude that question may pose more truth than what we may realize.

As usual, leave feedback. Feel free to comment and all that....lmao