Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! (Week 3, Rant 5)

GOOD MORNING AMERICA!! SORRY I WOKE YA!! (or in this case, GOOD EVENING AMERICA!!) Yep, some of you have waited for this rant. Well, I'm gonna try not to dissappoint. It's been a few days, so bare with me. WEEK 3. RANT 5! LET'S GOOOOO!!!

Okay, So I really had to dig a lil' deep for this topic. I actually got part of my idea from my big homie Anthony "Peso" Mason (MAKE-A-MOVE ENT, WADDUP!). He asked me the ancient old question....WHY DO GIRLS/WOMEN LIKE ASSHOLES?!? I wanted to answer that question with my opinon, but then my good buddy Breyanna "Breezy Howard (also MAKE-A-MOVE ENT!) asked me a question that could very well compliment the previous: "WHY DO GUYS PREFER HOES RATHER THAN GOOD GIRLS?"
Now I REALLY wanted to answer that question. But I got to thinking....cause both questions really had my mind going. So I incorporated both questions and formed a question I want answered: WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE RELATIONSHIP?!

..........Good question. Like seriously, I'm going thru some things in life and I really wanna ask that question. What happened to the relationship. Just as a general plot of meeting someone, getting to know them, finding common grounds and differences, establishing a bond and watching it grow. What happened to that?!? I can't explain how many stories and examples in today's time that have proven these lasts few statements incorrect. Too many relationship that are based off living for the moment as opposed to the long haul. So again, I ask, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE RELATIONSHIP?!?!?

I think back to the 60's and 70's when many couples have established love through the relationship law. My grandparents as many others were a product of this process. They met each other. Got to know one another. Found common ground. (They were gangbangers who hung out and kicked it).Found their differences. Got to know one another. Established a bond and watched it grow. Which resulted to my mother and my uncle being born 7 years apart. This bond has stood the test of time for 33 years of their lives. 2 children, 3 grandchildren and a great grandchild on the way, and here they are. From 33 years.

33 YEARS?!?!?

Hell, Most of us couldn't keep a bond going after one NIGHT!! 33 YEARS?!?! I would kill for a relationship to eventually form into a love THAT strong!! Yikes?!?! Hell, the longest I've had a relationship was probably 2 years. My average relationship lengths were probably between 3 to 6 months. Cause with my luck, SOMETHING happened. Partially due to the fact that this generation of mating is FUCKED UP! Somehow we've lost our sense of Monogomy. Everybody's too caught up in the wrong reasons to fuck with people. As opposed to just clicking with someone, we (speaking in general) fall to what looks good. We fall for the status quo of what we think should be with us. We fall for things like outer beauty, good finance, great reputations and certain lifestyles. But these things are only temporary fixes in our lives. Once we get our fix of these things, and discover we have really nothing to build with our mates, we usually don't stick around. And without hesitation, we leave.

The whole thing about women liking assholes tend to play a great part! Women, somehow the whole "find a man who can sweep you off your feet" theory has been jaded. Because you always run into the guy that has screwed your heart over so bad, you throw the possibilty of a good man to the side because you don't wanna risk getting hurt again. So you run across a good man, with a good heart. Geniuely nice. You place him in the category of a pushover. Because you don't want a man to be strictly about healing your heart and loving you. The basic ONE function out of a relationship. Nope, he gotta multi task. He gotta keep ya interest, be funny, be strict, be strong, be gentle, be an asshole and a gentleman. He can't just be that ONE thing you always describe...a good man. So, in general theory, he displays his gentleman side more than the asshole and you run to the other side. Therefore, asshole does what the asshole does....and you're in that same cycle you just complained about.

Therefore, turning the nice guy into an Asshole. Assholes tend to want one thing. So assholes now have one mission in mind. Once we accomplish that mission, it's a wrap. They're done here. Divide and conquer. LOL And this can answer why guys like hoes more than good girls at times. We ain't lookin' for much from the hoes but one thing. No feelings, no harm, no foul. Just a night of bliss and a dismiss.
But I digress. Not really. This is pretty much the story of how today's relationships are. We're in a time where the simpliest thing that can attract your mate, is the same simple thing that can get rid of them.

My biggest peeve out of this is when it transcends from it just being the two of you.

You ever wonder why there are more single parents than coupled parents? The element of the relationship is missing. At least where it is supposed to be. This is why there are more single mothers and fathers. Both of which make cases about each other and why they're each single. They can't simply work out the things that tore them apart for the sake of their family they've created. It took the two of them to create it, regardless of how it happened. It should take those two to keep it going. Especially when a child is involved. If you loved each other enough to act out the deed, you should love each other enough to see it through.

Sorry, I got a lil' into that last paragraph. That's going to be a topic for my next rant later in the week.

But I think you the people get the gist of what I'm saying. The point of this whole thing is Love ain't the same these days.

I'd like your feedback people. Maybe you can answer this question.....WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE RELATIONSHIP?!?!

(sidenote: I promised my mama less profainity. I tried. LOL)

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  1. Wow, am I the only woman who DOESN'T want an asshole?! My parents have been together over 20 years, my grandparents over 50 yrs, so I think I've taken after them and is very old fashioned with my relationships. No, I'm not gonna hit n quit with the dudes, nor will I allow them to do that to me. If he too busy tryna get in where he fit in, then I know my relationship with him isnt gonna go very far if he's not willing to build a personal relationship with me. Idk what kinda chicks u know or been messin with, or maybe I'm just one of a kind....but I hope majority of females are not like what u described.

    That is all lol

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