Friday, August 7, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! (the official 1st one)

hmmmm....1st do I start this?

HELLO WORLD!!! HELLO WORLD!! HELLO MY BLOGSPOT CIVILIANS!! There's a lot goin' on in this recession filled world...Job layoffs. Gas prices ranging up and down. Rappers busting they shit on stage.
I know.....the world is all fucked up. No worries, I offer this series for you to let your opinions roam free and relief your stress.

So in this 1st official "Rant of the Week", I was given this topic by a good friend Delainy Denise. It was quite funny how this topic came up...well just read it.

"me: what # on the scale are u ready 4 @ this moment?
i can go mild...or i can just go in!
and is #10 the wildest one?

10 is the wildest cause i can give you what me and my bf were just talking about

oh..and what were y'all just talkin' about?

giving head


u mean about how girls front like they don't..or dudes?

see we sitting here listing to this advice column and this girl said that head is only for your bf or husband it should be 50/50 give and get right but then turns around and says she has never givin or tried to, to any or her bfs. but she let em lick but not return the favor"

See.....I'm tryin' not to be a straight nigga about this. Only because the advice she offered was great. My problem is this. How do you offer advice on a topic you don't practice your damn self?!?! That really made me think. How many bf's has she had in her lifetime? And how has she not let the thought of giving head compute? Even more I'm wondering...WHO ARE THE SUCKERS THAT GAVE HER THE WET TREATMENT AND LEFT DESERT STORM IN THE DRAWERS/?!?

Ladies. If this is your mindstate..."All licky and no Sucky"...prepare for a Lifetime of adding the title "EX-BOYFRIEND" to your resume'. Just as you like getting pleasured, so do we. 50/50 being the key word in this. Every relationship/partnership should take on this practice. It brings in more self reward to know that you're the reason your man/partner is happy. Vice versa. That whole "I don't do that, that's nasty" shit is OLD SON!! In a world where you can lose a man to various reasons (other race woman, ugly woman, prettier woman, other men, tranny's, etc.) you would think you'd see the odds stacked against YOUR happiness.

Be aware that what you won't do...there's always another woman/man/thing who will! (I ain't gay, but look around. others are! lmao) That's the reason a lot of cases of your man cheating happens. DUUUHHH!!! And then YOU get mad, when all of a sudden you left in the dust. Now by no means am I preaching "SUCK EVERY DICK YOU CAN!" But I'm saying...if you have that one...that you trust is gonna be yours, remember that half the battle was getting that man. The other half is keeping him. That's the challenging part.

Now the same goes for guys as well. We can sit here and say, "I don't eat out" or "My tongue touching nothing" It be that same mentality that leaves you with a dry dick!! Sorry to be so vulgar. It's 2009 dude. We all adults here. Everybody's done it at some point. Yea our organs are more external than the females, and yet, they complain about not doing that to us. But some suck it up (no pun intended) and take on that role. If that girl is that one you got, return the favor. Trust, it saves a lot of arguements, and sometimes saves your sexual reputation...cause we ALL KNOW girls talk. lmao

But b4 I leave you...with this state of mind...I wanna 1st off say...Protect yourselfs before anything else. Because there are plenty diseases that can fuck you HIV, HERPES, THE CLAP...AS WELL AS THE INFAMOUS CASES OF "BMS" AND "BDS" (baby mama syndrome, baby daddy syndrome).

With that said, follow this advice...."SHOW LOVE...TO GET LOVE"

If you agree of disagree...leave ya thoughts.

Til' the next rant!!!!! My name is Anthony D. Ingram Jr. and I'M SIGNING OUT!!!

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