Friday, August 14, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 2, Rant #4)

Okay, so I only have one topic that I been thinking about. This is just a personal tweak that's been in my head. And this is something I been wanting to know about....


Yes, Religion. Well, more so of a church attendant. Now me myself, I will admit. I'm not exactly the most devout on church going. Not because there's anything against it. Really there's no reason I don't go like that. I just don't.

Nothing personal or anything. I just feel that I talk to God when I talk to him. I have my own connection with him...or sorts. It's this thing in my head that church is built on a book (bible) derived from all sorts of testimonies from when there was tragedy turned into triumph. It just so happens to be documented and quoted as a verse. I also feel like you're supposed to learn from their testimonies and apply it to your life. I feel like I live out each verse thru my personal experiences in life. I just document them in other ways....I can admit I am not perfect. I sin at times. But I try my best to exercise my choices of what's right and what's wrong. I mostly aim for what's right tho. lol Plus I believe that if God is truely watching over you, and you believe that and try to morally do right and not force yourself to do so, you should be fine.

I like talking to God intimately, not with everybody else around. Not that I can't share God with everyone, but I came into the world alone this to him. And that's how I'm gonna go. So needless to say, I don't have a religion I follow under as of now. I feel like it's too many religions and different points of view, that are basically saying the same thing. There is a higher power, which we ALL can agree on. It just seems like a matter of who's telling their side of the story.

This topic is so delicate that it has been known to start many arguements. Plenty of fights have gone down over this. Hell, in the middle east and other parts of the has started wars. Wars that have lead to many of casualties due to the many beliefs of worship. I do not knock another man/woman's beliefs of religion, but I do not choose to engage in that topic to a point I'm at war. Which maybe why quite frankly, I don't really get along too tough with most "devout" church going people.

While I don't knock many people for going to church (I actually advicate it to those who need to soul search), I am not to fond of those who make judgements towards me and what I believe in. I don't tend to connect with those who happen to force their opinions on me or tend to judge me from the simple I don't exactly follow their beliefs to a tee. I am happy that you are connceted to God. I am glad you have had your revelation. But their are some things I can do without.

I can do without being around those who all of a sudden have a new attitude. You know the type. The ones who are SOOOOOO anxious that they have been "saved" or have "found" themselves, that they suddenly feel the urge to treat you differently. To suddenly "change" on you, and not for the better. Almost as if to make themselves appear as though they are better than you. When just a few days ago, literally, they were just at the club, shaking they asses, drinking it up and partying like it's no tomorrow. Sin and all. Then turn right back around, and make judgment toward you.

You know what's funny? Despite everything, those same folk tend to forget the #1 rule that the Lord has made. "He who without sin cast the 1st stone". Basically meaning nobody is perfect. Nobody's a saint. Everybody is prone to sin and everybody does sin. Everybody makes mistakes. But the thing is, you learn from your mistakes.
You try not to make those mistakes again. You exercise your ability of free will and you try to do right. You know what's right and what's just do it. Who are you to say the way I go about my life is wrong? I like to think of myself as a nice guy with a great heart, and I treat others the way I'd like to be treated. What's even crazier, is that I actually accept the fact that I'm not perfect. I have emotions. I feel. I mess up. But I get right back up. I've accepted myself. Can you say the same?

This isn't directed at anybody. But I'm expressing my heavy dislike for those who carry themselves as though they are holier than thou. As though they can do no wrong. Here's a newsflash. You're a human. You were created the same way I was. Through sexual intercourse and God's power. You bleed just like I do. You breath just how I do. (unless you have asthma). But basically we live like regular humans do. So don't knock me for how I choose to live my life. If you don't like me, oh well. But don't you dare put God into it. That's almost as bad as saying his name in vein in my opinion. And that makes you no better than me.

so....UNTIL MY NEXT RANT!! My name is Anthony Ingram Jr. AND i'm SIGNING OUT!!

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