Monday, August 10, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! (Week 2, Rant #3)

YESSIR!! WHAT IT IS WORLD?!?!? Fresh off a CRAZY ASS WEEKEND!!! Whooo!!! Sometimes, you just need to get away...and have a Shot...or 10. LMAO Anywho...Back with the 3rd installment of "RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK" (Week 2)! So how shall I start this?

(sidenote: CHECK THE 1ST 2 BLOGS...YA DIG!!!)

Okay...I was chattin' with my girl Ms. Shaina Marie. And this is what she said.....

Shaina Marie Goff

August 7 at 12:21pm
"Your next rant should be about Beauty Vs Brains lol and how some men get intimidated by a female that may be intelligent/sophisticated or more wealthy than them so they go for the dumb chicks that just look good on their arm lol i had a big debate about this the other day"

Well. That's kinda crazy. Good topic...but that's crazy. Crazy because that's a taboo topic amongst men. So I'm gonna give my opinion in this case. Women, y'all are complex. It's crazy to even approach y'all when you broke and "not so" independent. LOL Beside that fact, we're use to being the predator and kinda pursuing the woman. So to actually come across a woman that's actually intellectual/sophisticated, it kinda makes me stop for a second and check myself. I gotta do my part in making sure that my presentation is on point. I have to make myself interesting enough to make sure I can hold her attention.

Fact of the matter is this: Today's woman has the attitude instilled in their mind that they do not need a man for anything they can't get themselves. Hell, it was an old saying back in the day that a woman shouldn't need a man for much except for that "one thing". And nowadays, a energizer or a duracell can fix that problem. Or another chick and a replica of the male organ (Dildo). LMAO So choices are limited. Now...on the matter of having an intellectual woman, it's funny. It's believed that the woman's mindstate happens to be further advanced then the man's mind. So sometimes our wave lengths are a bit off, needless to say. We like sports, music, sex. Religion and worldly news varies amongst the average man.'re a bit more intuned with a lot. Kinda throws me for a loop at 1st. far as the matter of making more money....that's just a pride thing. As a man, I was taught that my job in this life was to shelter, provide. Two basics simple duties of a man. We're bred to be the bredwinner of the relationship. The male's ability to succeed in those two main areas determines a man's strength. The strength to handle any tasks thrown at him, big or small. That, in a normal setting, keeps the woman's attention for her to fulfill her duties in the relationship. To nurture. Whether it be thru feeding, emotional support, as well :-)

The fact that a woman can easily switch roles these days, it's actually quite mind boggling. Personally, I can't quite get with the whole, "my girl makes more money than me thing." Now, if you just a regular jumpoff who happens to wanna pay 4 things....that's on you! LMAO (sidenote: i do not promote male gold digging) But if you are my woman, then it's basically you shouldn't have to reach for your wallet, unless we go dutch. And though I'd like a woman to understand that sometimes I'm not gonna have's not likely. Women have never really gotten that fact established in average circumstance. Women like being wined...and dined. It's basically how us men bait the women into being ours. The problem is maintaining that spontaneous spunk.

When was the last time you found a woman would actually "not mind" paying for her man? And NOT feeling like she's like ur substitute mama?.......Don't worry...I'll wait. LMAO So maybe it does imitate me a bit...but i'm sure there are guys out there who feel the same and won't say nothin. So this is just a general assumption of why guys "MIGHT" be intimidated by a smart girl with more money...

but you know that quote from The Dream: "If she's workin' all night and got more money than you...hmmmmm...then she's probably a STRIPPER"!!!! LMAO (Shawty is a Ten Remix)

Leave ya feedback peoples. These are just my thoughts....

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