Monday, August 31, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 5, Rant #7)

Hello everybody out there on the INTERNET superhighway of information!! HOW'S YOUR WEEKEND?!? HOW'S YOUR DAY?!?! If you answer is "fine" to both questions, great for you! And to help contribute to this fine day of yours, I present to you my weekly give to the world. Yea, you know what time it is. RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!!!!!

This weeks topic: I kept it cool. I promised I'd talk about politics and Obama and how he's doing. But I'm gonna have to save that topic for later this week. (Thanx Topaz Davis!) So I'm gonna go ahead and speak my truth again. Yes, also a topic suggested by the people. I'd like to thank my homie Lou Vaughn for the green light on going in! HERE WE GO FOLKS! (The following words in which you are about to read...may very well disturb you.)

I would like to talk about the word "HO".

Yes. "HO". What is a ho? What does the word "Ho" mean? Before I get into that, let me breakdown where this word actually came from. You see, "Ho" is actually a word derived from "Whore" and "Hoe". The word "whore" is defined in the dictionary as such:

1 : a woman who engages in sexual acts for money : prostitute; also : a promiscuous or immoral woman
2 : a male who engages in sexual acts for money
3 : a venal or unscrupulous person

The word "Hoe" is defined as a garden tool. Preferably to dig dirt around plants.

Now, as for the word "HO". The combination of both "whore" and "hoe" actually make sense to combine when you think of "HO". There are but few definitions for this termanology, but the one most commonly known throughout the world is what I'm going to mostly talk about today. You see, a ho is basically a person who frequently explores their sexuality through a mass quantity in a short amount of time, profit or no profit.

Now that I've given a somewhat general definition as to what a "Ho" is, I'm gonna break down a few symptoms of how you may fall into this catergory. (Whoooooo, I might get in trouble for this)

1: anytime you perform any sexual act (vaginal, oral or anal) with more than one person in a day....

2: anytime you use sex as a means of an exchange (i.e. a favor)

3: anytime you've practice a sexual act with a person, only to practice the same with a close acquaintance/friend/family member of that person....within a timespan of a week

4: anytime a person is talking (i.e. exclusively) to you (sex or no sex), and that person goes off and engages in sexual activity with any in that person's close circle

5: if you happen to engage in sexual activity within the 1st day of meeting them

6: if you engage in sexual activity with more than one person in the same the same TIME

7: If oral is engaged with no penetration on your 1st sexual encounter

8: If sex is followed after a cheap dinery like McDonalds on the 1st date

9: When ejaculation is practiced and preferred about the sternum/upper pectorial area. (basically your face)

Those are just a few examples. Now, the term "ho" generally applies to women. In today's society, we have several definitions for a woman who enjoys mass amount of sex but not the art of monogomy. Some are described as promiscious. Some are described as freaks. Some are described as dominant and empowered. Some are plain and simply women who just enjoy sex. But then you have those, who even with those descriptions, seem to miss one key element in their quest for sexual pleasure: Tact. You have to have tact about yourself to be able to enjoy sex. Seeing as how our world is based around the double standard, women are usually the ones most affected by this double edge sword. Of course I know all women are not like this. There are women, who exemplify the opposite. While they don't deny sex, they possess a tact not to present themselves in the public eye as a ho. Everything about a woman's presentation has to be just right. Smart, funny, sassy, business like, stern, friendly, but tough. Keep her inner thoughts controlled because she knows there is a time and place for everything. Basically, a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed. have hoes. Hoes, hoes, hoes. You know the ones. You don't call them any other time, except for one thing. No going out. No dates. Not much convo. No cuddle. No sweet talk. Just screwing around and getting nasty. I'm talking so nasty, you don't even give them a towel to wipe themselves. LOL (sorry I had to laugh at that one.) You can't be seen in daylight with them. No public events. Don't even think about parties. That's when they become officially active and anybody is game for them. They usually present the best sex stories because they are so experienced. They can also present the worst because their goods have been explored so much, they become stale. My favorite quote on this topic was formed:

"You can have one love: the hoes are for EVERYBODY"!

And it's TRUE! You can have a hoe for one second; the next second they're with one of your friends. But they don't stop there. It ranges throughout any family member too! Cousins, brothers, sisters, etc.

There are also synonyms to describe a hoe:

2:skeet mission
3:Busdown (bussa for short)

Though this is generally a term used to describe women with these symptoms, men can be described as hoes too. Actually, men in general are the perfect description of "Hoe". But then again, the double standard is put into play. So when men are described as "hoes", we tend to use that term to basically strip a man of his manhood. Appearing as weak to the public eye. If a man does something that would not be suited as manlike behavior, he would be described as a hoe.

With this theory in mind, I tend to think that there are a lot of hoes out there than what I realize. Though I believe that we as human have common knowledge as to what a hoe is, why is it that individuals tend to get mad when they find out some of their actions perfectly fit the description of what a hoe is?! LOL Maybe it's not so much as to them being hoes because they don't practice all of those actions. But once you follow one, you fall into the category of being "ho-ish". Believe me, EVERYBODY IN THIS WORLD HAS A HO-ISH TRAIT!! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID EVERYBODY DOES! But again, it's all in a matter of how you present yourself. Once you master that, you'll be just fine.

And remember...hoes need love too. (I get the tickles just typing that.)

LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! And hey, if you want to add to the list of "Ho Symptoms" feel free.

Yep....I want one of these!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! (Week 4, Rant #7)

YO, YO, YO, YO, YOOOOOOOO!!!! (in cheesy wanna be down, hip hop voice) It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you...without a dope rant to step to....So with that said. WEEK 4! RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!!

Now...these topics. I swear, I'm the facebook Dr. Phil. LOL It seems that I'm getting all sorts of relationship topics. I mean, these suggestions I've received. Wow, it's the season changing I guess. The summer boo/single life is winding down...and cuddling season is approaching. I guess y'all wanna know my opinion on some things b4 y'all make moves. Well, seeing as how, I don't sugar coat nothing..I guess I can tell the truth. So I'm gonna answer all of this week's 1 rant. That's right, 1 RANT! HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!

1st suggestion: Joy Antoinette: men who mistreat a woman that sticks by their side thru all the bullshit. talk about that! lol

Hmmmmmm....Men who mistreat women. I'm just gonna be str8 up. Women....I love y'all. I love your figure, your features, your essence. I love everything there is to love about a woman. But I have to say it. You all respond to the negative more than you do the positive sometimes. I've always made this argument, and it's become more apparent nowadays. Women respond better when men treat them like crap. I've seen and heard almost every girl I've known imaginable always complaining about a man at some point. It's always a complaint. Men are dogs. Men ain't this. Men are that. And yet, you leave one copy of this type of guy, only to go into another one of the same type of guy. I do feel sorry for those women who get hurt from this type of guy. I do feel like women should not be hurt only if they are not deserving of it. Women who stick by their men, only to be treated with such wrong. I do feel for y'all, because I know it's hard out here to find decent men. It's like the old saying goes: "A woman's life is love...and a man's love is Life".

This leads me to my next suggestion:

how niggas say they just wanna be friend but they want the benifit of a boyfriend

So in translation: Dudes who want the boyfriend benefit of screwing around, but don't want the title. Though the idea makes perfect sense, the approach from these guys is all wrong. See, I'm a firm believer of just sayin' what it is. If you just want a cuddy buddy, then make it known. The problem is we can't express that as such. Most likely because a real woman will always want more than that. Women think with their emotions about a good 80% percent of the time. Men have this thing of thinking with our heads (both of them). It's not that many women who look for the same thing we do. Every woman at some point wants a relationship. Guys can be content with just sex and being cool. We don't like to let our emotions get the best of us....that's not our job. But nowadays, there are women who want the same thing as these guys. It's just up to you to make it known.

Which leads me into my final suggestion

Quintell Wright

Today at 9:57pm
talk about girls who love 100% "assholes" if u choose. i always been curious

Brother Q. I couldn't have said it better myself. Women love assholes. That ties my point back to the 1st suggestion. Women like assholes. Don't know why tho. Maybe it's a challenge factor. But it's not so funny when your feelings get involved. Then the story changes to such statements: "I want a real man. I want a gentleman. I want a nice guy." That's bull. I've been saying that since forever. This is my standing on things.....this is a general perspective. It's only cool to be a nice guy when it's money involved. You basically make her laugh just for the entertainment. Make sure the sex is great to keep them. And have a mean streak about you somewhere. Because if gives a woman comfort to know that if you show some type of affection, they're gonna feel that they had something to do with it. Which makes them feel good. They like the feeling of knowing they changed a man in someway. You show too much niceness, the pushover syndrome comes in. When the pushover syndrome comes, the challenge is over. They become bored with the man. Henceforth, the asshole not only survives a relationship...but actually dominates it somehow.

Kinda weird, huh? But look at each statement I've just said. Examine it....and if you see where I can somehow draw truth from it, then you'll understand what I'm saying.

My favorite cartoon character (Stewie Griffin) once asked: "Do women like it when you treat them like crap?" LOL I conclude that question may pose more truth than what we may realize.

As usual, leave feedback. Feel free to comment and all that....lmao


Friday, August 21, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! (Week 3, Rant 6)

I tried to hold this back, and wait for the people to give me a topic. But I couldn't hold this back any longer. So bare with me folks....I go BALLS DEEP with this one.

Fabolous...."Stay" (Loso's Way)

This song means a lot to me right now. Probably because I relate to this situation hard. Speaking from a son's perspective, the importance of having a father around is most definitely detrimental to life. To have a male figure in a boy's life can prove to have lasting effects for the near future. It can help to mold a boy's train of thought, his characteristics, his morals and self discovery.

"He should've gave me everything and left me even more/but he left me without sayin' what he was leaving that's when I became a man..and that's the day he stopped being one"....-Fabolous "Stay" (Loso's Way)

This is usually the tale for males raised in a single parent home. Most of time from a general census, children are more prone to be brought up by their mothers. The fathers are usually absent in the upbringing of the child. Due to conflict issues between the mother and father, it's usually the father who leaves. Drawing the child's love to further be shown to their mother. A mass amount of resentment is created for the father...driving the child to either push harder to succeed in life or to push the child in a negative turn of lifestyles. To quote Jay-Z: Minus her tears, To rewind this time I promise I would minus my years to this day to take her pain away".

The general outlook of parenthood is that if a child were to be brought up in a single parent home, the father would most likely not be around. Personally, I'm growing tired of this trend. I know there are decent men out there who actually would give anything to make sure that their child grows into something decent in society.

But I will say this. Given a situation, I can see why the father would sometimes want to leave. (GASPS) Yep, that's right. I can see why. Women are already a handful at times just by themselves. Crazy emotion swings. The urge to push your buttons. Their words can hurt you more than what you would let on. Their ability to get inside your head and screw you up. Sometimes, the bittersweet relationship you've had with the woman you thought was love or at least like could easily be tarnished to the point it's almost impossible to stay around.....

Sometimes, it's the stress of knowing you have to do what you have to do in order to provide for the very life you created, as well as the woman who helped you to create it. Feelings get tainted to a point you can hardly be civil when around each other. One of you possibly growing to become so bitter toward the other that you remove yourself from the situation altogether. For the sake of the child not growing up to resent both parents because the enviroment isn't healthy.

Or maybe it's the exact opposite. Maybe the man is actually trying to do the right thing. Maybe he's trying to actually stick around and be there for his seed. Maybe he's dealing with the hassle of going thru personal bickers and putting those to the side for his child. It is possible that some women can get on that bullshit by blocking the father from being around his own miniture life.

Thinking about this recently gave me a nightmare two nights ago. I was having a child. A son to be exact. In the dream, my son was being born. But I wasn't there. I wasn't in the delivery room because no one informed me the mother's water had broke. Til' it was too late. That feeling of not being there, though it was dream, broke me down on the inside. I was only thinking of the fact that if I wasn't there for the birth, I can't imagine not being there for everything else in his life. That type of pain, I wouldn't wish on anyone. Dream or Reality.

There are tons of reasons why single parenting happens. But I focus on the father's perspective because we already know how hard it is on the mother. We already know the woman is strong for carrying a life 9 months. It's been glorified by the masses so hard, it's almost as though it's rather preferred. Songs about "B-A-B-Y M-A-M-A", "Dear Mama"....damn, we get it!!

The fact of the matter is to have both parents in a child's life is better. The balance of a mother's loving ying to a father's discipling yang brings balance. Though I do not advocate the father to be missing from a child's upbringing, you don't always know the story behind it. You don't always know the reasoning. You'll never understand it until it happens to you.

Beanie Siegel feat. Jay-Z "Still Got Love for you" (The Reason)

So just take heed. Parenthood is not a game. If you are a parent or are about to be, and you have somebody who's willing to do what they can and wants to be there, don't deny them. Less struggle than what it already is. Trust me...

That's all I had to say...please feedback if you can.


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Courtesy of my nigga Pe$o Much......


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! (Week 3, Rant 5)

GOOD MORNING AMERICA!! SORRY I WOKE YA!! (or in this case, GOOD EVENING AMERICA!!) Yep, some of you have waited for this rant. Well, I'm gonna try not to dissappoint. It's been a few days, so bare with me. WEEK 3. RANT 5! LET'S GOOOOO!!!

Okay, So I really had to dig a lil' deep for this topic. I actually got part of my idea from my big homie Anthony "Peso" Mason (MAKE-A-MOVE ENT, WADDUP!). He asked me the ancient old question....WHY DO GIRLS/WOMEN LIKE ASSHOLES?!? I wanted to answer that question with my opinon, but then my good buddy Breyanna "Breezy Howard (also MAKE-A-MOVE ENT!) asked me a question that could very well compliment the previous: "WHY DO GUYS PREFER HOES RATHER THAN GOOD GIRLS?"
Now I REALLY wanted to answer that question. But I got to thinking....cause both questions really had my mind going. So I incorporated both questions and formed a question I want answered: WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE RELATIONSHIP?!

..........Good question. Like seriously, I'm going thru some things in life and I really wanna ask that question. What happened to the relationship. Just as a general plot of meeting someone, getting to know them, finding common grounds and differences, establishing a bond and watching it grow. What happened to that?!? I can't explain how many stories and examples in today's time that have proven these lasts few statements incorrect. Too many relationship that are based off living for the moment as opposed to the long haul. So again, I ask, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE RELATIONSHIP?!?!?

I think back to the 60's and 70's when many couples have established love through the relationship law. My grandparents as many others were a product of this process. They met each other. Got to know one another. Found common ground. (They were gangbangers who hung out and kicked it).Found their differences. Got to know one another. Established a bond and watched it grow. Which resulted to my mother and my uncle being born 7 years apart. This bond has stood the test of time for 33 years of their lives. 2 children, 3 grandchildren and a great grandchild on the way, and here they are. From 33 years.

33 YEARS?!?!?

Hell, Most of us couldn't keep a bond going after one NIGHT!! 33 YEARS?!?! I would kill for a relationship to eventually form into a love THAT strong!! Yikes?!?! Hell, the longest I've had a relationship was probably 2 years. My average relationship lengths were probably between 3 to 6 months. Cause with my luck, SOMETHING happened. Partially due to the fact that this generation of mating is FUCKED UP! Somehow we've lost our sense of Monogomy. Everybody's too caught up in the wrong reasons to fuck with people. As opposed to just clicking with someone, we (speaking in general) fall to what looks good. We fall for the status quo of what we think should be with us. We fall for things like outer beauty, good finance, great reputations and certain lifestyles. But these things are only temporary fixes in our lives. Once we get our fix of these things, and discover we have really nothing to build with our mates, we usually don't stick around. And without hesitation, we leave.

The whole thing about women liking assholes tend to play a great part! Women, somehow the whole "find a man who can sweep you off your feet" theory has been jaded. Because you always run into the guy that has screwed your heart over so bad, you throw the possibilty of a good man to the side because you don't wanna risk getting hurt again. So you run across a good man, with a good heart. Geniuely nice. You place him in the category of a pushover. Because you don't want a man to be strictly about healing your heart and loving you. The basic ONE function out of a relationship. Nope, he gotta multi task. He gotta keep ya interest, be funny, be strict, be strong, be gentle, be an asshole and a gentleman. He can't just be that ONE thing you always describe...a good man. So, in general theory, he displays his gentleman side more than the asshole and you run to the other side. Therefore, asshole does what the asshole does....and you're in that same cycle you just complained about.

Therefore, turning the nice guy into an Asshole. Assholes tend to want one thing. So assholes now have one mission in mind. Once we accomplish that mission, it's a wrap. They're done here. Divide and conquer. LOL And this can answer why guys like hoes more than good girls at times. We ain't lookin' for much from the hoes but one thing. No feelings, no harm, no foul. Just a night of bliss and a dismiss.
But I digress. Not really. This is pretty much the story of how today's relationships are. We're in a time where the simpliest thing that can attract your mate, is the same simple thing that can get rid of them.

My biggest peeve out of this is when it transcends from it just being the two of you.

You ever wonder why there are more single parents than coupled parents? The element of the relationship is missing. At least where it is supposed to be. This is why there are more single mothers and fathers. Both of which make cases about each other and why they're each single. They can't simply work out the things that tore them apart for the sake of their family they've created. It took the two of them to create it, regardless of how it happened. It should take those two to keep it going. Especially when a child is involved. If you loved each other enough to act out the deed, you should love each other enough to see it through.

Sorry, I got a lil' into that last paragraph. That's going to be a topic for my next rant later in the week.

But I think you the people get the gist of what I'm saying. The point of this whole thing is Love ain't the same these days.

I'd like your feedback people. Maybe you can answer this question.....WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE RELATIONSHIP?!?!

(sidenote: I promised my mama less profainity. I tried. LOL)

Friday, August 14, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 2, Rant #4)

Okay, so I only have one topic that I been thinking about. This is just a personal tweak that's been in my head. And this is something I been wanting to know about....


Yes, Religion. Well, more so of a church attendant. Now me myself, I will admit. I'm not exactly the most devout on church going. Not because there's anything against it. Really there's no reason I don't go like that. I just don't.

Nothing personal or anything. I just feel that I talk to God when I talk to him. I have my own connection with him...or sorts. It's this thing in my head that church is built on a book (bible) derived from all sorts of testimonies from when there was tragedy turned into triumph. It just so happens to be documented and quoted as a verse. I also feel like you're supposed to learn from their testimonies and apply it to your life. I feel like I live out each verse thru my personal experiences in life. I just document them in other ways....I can admit I am not perfect. I sin at times. But I try my best to exercise my choices of what's right and what's wrong. I mostly aim for what's right tho. lol Plus I believe that if God is truely watching over you, and you believe that and try to morally do right and not force yourself to do so, you should be fine.

I like talking to God intimately, not with everybody else around. Not that I can't share God with everyone, but I came into the world alone this to him. And that's how I'm gonna go. So needless to say, I don't have a religion I follow under as of now. I feel like it's too many religions and different points of view, that are basically saying the same thing. There is a higher power, which we ALL can agree on. It just seems like a matter of who's telling their side of the story.

This topic is so delicate that it has been known to start many arguements. Plenty of fights have gone down over this. Hell, in the middle east and other parts of the has started wars. Wars that have lead to many of casualties due to the many beliefs of worship. I do not knock another man/woman's beliefs of religion, but I do not choose to engage in that topic to a point I'm at war. Which maybe why quite frankly, I don't really get along too tough with most "devout" church going people.

While I don't knock many people for going to church (I actually advicate it to those who need to soul search), I am not to fond of those who make judgements towards me and what I believe in. I don't tend to connect with those who happen to force their opinions on me or tend to judge me from the simple I don't exactly follow their beliefs to a tee. I am happy that you are connceted to God. I am glad you have had your revelation. But their are some things I can do without.

I can do without being around those who all of a sudden have a new attitude. You know the type. The ones who are SOOOOOO anxious that they have been "saved" or have "found" themselves, that they suddenly feel the urge to treat you differently. To suddenly "change" on you, and not for the better. Almost as if to make themselves appear as though they are better than you. When just a few days ago, literally, they were just at the club, shaking they asses, drinking it up and partying like it's no tomorrow. Sin and all. Then turn right back around, and make judgment toward you.

You know what's funny? Despite everything, those same folk tend to forget the #1 rule that the Lord has made. "He who without sin cast the 1st stone". Basically meaning nobody is perfect. Nobody's a saint. Everybody is prone to sin and everybody does sin. Everybody makes mistakes. But the thing is, you learn from your mistakes.
You try not to make those mistakes again. You exercise your ability of free will and you try to do right. You know what's right and what's just do it. Who are you to say the way I go about my life is wrong? I like to think of myself as a nice guy with a great heart, and I treat others the way I'd like to be treated. What's even crazier, is that I actually accept the fact that I'm not perfect. I have emotions. I feel. I mess up. But I get right back up. I've accepted myself. Can you say the same?

This isn't directed at anybody. But I'm expressing my heavy dislike for those who carry themselves as though they are holier than thou. As though they can do no wrong. Here's a newsflash. You're a human. You were created the same way I was. Through sexual intercourse and God's power. You bleed just like I do. You breath just how I do. (unless you have asthma). But basically we live like regular humans do. So don't knock me for how I choose to live my life. If you don't like me, oh well. But don't you dare put God into it. That's almost as bad as saying his name in vein in my opinion. And that makes you no better than me.

so....UNTIL MY NEXT RANT!! My name is Anthony Ingram Jr. AND i'm SIGNING OUT!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! (Week 2, Rant #3)

YESSIR!! WHAT IT IS WORLD?!?!? Fresh off a CRAZY ASS WEEKEND!!! Whooo!!! Sometimes, you just need to get away...and have a Shot...or 10. LMAO Anywho...Back with the 3rd installment of "RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK" (Week 2)! So how shall I start this?

(sidenote: CHECK THE 1ST 2 BLOGS...YA DIG!!!)

Okay...I was chattin' with my girl Ms. Shaina Marie. And this is what she said.....

Shaina Marie Goff

August 7 at 12:21pm
"Your next rant should be about Beauty Vs Brains lol and how some men get intimidated by a female that may be intelligent/sophisticated or more wealthy than them so they go for the dumb chicks that just look good on their arm lol i had a big debate about this the other day"

Well. That's kinda crazy. Good topic...but that's crazy. Crazy because that's a taboo topic amongst men. So I'm gonna give my opinion in this case. Women, y'all are complex. It's crazy to even approach y'all when you broke and "not so" independent. LOL Beside that fact, we're use to being the predator and kinda pursuing the woman. So to actually come across a woman that's actually intellectual/sophisticated, it kinda makes me stop for a second and check myself. I gotta do my part in making sure that my presentation is on point. I have to make myself interesting enough to make sure I can hold her attention.

Fact of the matter is this: Today's woman has the attitude instilled in their mind that they do not need a man for anything they can't get themselves. Hell, it was an old saying back in the day that a woman shouldn't need a man for much except for that "one thing". And nowadays, a energizer or a duracell can fix that problem. Or another chick and a replica of the male organ (Dildo). LMAO So choices are limited. Now...on the matter of having an intellectual woman, it's funny. It's believed that the woman's mindstate happens to be further advanced then the man's mind. So sometimes our wave lengths are a bit off, needless to say. We like sports, music, sex. Religion and worldly news varies amongst the average man.'re a bit more intuned with a lot. Kinda throws me for a loop at 1st. far as the matter of making more money....that's just a pride thing. As a man, I was taught that my job in this life was to shelter, provide. Two basics simple duties of a man. We're bred to be the bredwinner of the relationship. The male's ability to succeed in those two main areas determines a man's strength. The strength to handle any tasks thrown at him, big or small. That, in a normal setting, keeps the woman's attention for her to fulfill her duties in the relationship. To nurture. Whether it be thru feeding, emotional support, as well :-)

The fact that a woman can easily switch roles these days, it's actually quite mind boggling. Personally, I can't quite get with the whole, "my girl makes more money than me thing." Now, if you just a regular jumpoff who happens to wanna pay 4 things....that's on you! LMAO (sidenote: i do not promote male gold digging) But if you are my woman, then it's basically you shouldn't have to reach for your wallet, unless we go dutch. And though I'd like a woman to understand that sometimes I'm not gonna have's not likely. Women have never really gotten that fact established in average circumstance. Women like being wined...and dined. It's basically how us men bait the women into being ours. The problem is maintaining that spontaneous spunk.

When was the last time you found a woman would actually "not mind" paying for her man? And NOT feeling like she's like ur substitute mama?.......Don't worry...I'll wait. LMAO So maybe it does imitate me a bit...but i'm sure there are guys out there who feel the same and won't say nothin. So this is just a general assumption of why guys "MIGHT" be intimidated by a smart girl with more money...

but you know that quote from The Dream: "If she's workin' all night and got more money than you...hmmmmm...then she's probably a STRIPPER"!!!! LMAO (Shawty is a Ten Remix)

Leave ya feedback peoples. These are just my thoughts....

Friday, August 7, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (#2, same week)

YO, YO, YOOOOOOO!! TO THE PEOPLE!! HOW ARE YOU??!! Good Day I'm hoping. Now, this random rant of the week thing. So far, great response. (Apparently, ppl like head in relationships. lmao) Glad to have the ppl participate and state their opinions. 1st off, thanx to ms. Delainy Denise Dalton for kicking off the 1st topic. ;-) lmao Ya dig?

So now, we are one rant in. Going into another one. This one is actually a good topic. This one is brought to you by my mans Jason "JD" Davis aka MR. SIVAD INK. Here we go:

Jason 'Jd' Davis TOPIC: " I'd Like To Know What You Got To Say About KARMA And How One Good Or Bad Deed Can Bring About Another

I Believe That There Is A Certain Balance In The Universe And That What We Do To Affect That Balance Can Bring About Equal Consequences For Us Either Immediately Or Somewhere Down The Line"

Whoooooooooooo!!! This topic is actually touching home base. I truely say have to agree with JD on this one. KARMA is real.....SOOOOOO REEEEAAALLLL! Trust when I tell you, whatever you put out does come back to you. I mean, WHATEVER YOU DO!!! Like whether it's good, or whether it's bad. It always comes back to you. But my opinion on it would usually come from a good propsective......not today.

I really used to look at it as far as putting out nothing but good. I felt that I was so focused on doing good, that even if I did do bad, I'd always outshine it with good. Little did I forget, as I stated b4, WHATEVER I'd put out, would come back to me.Even if I did one small bad thing, it can equal bigger consequences in the long haul. The vice versa goes into the saying of whatever good you put out.

WELL, ENOUGH ABOUT BEING PHILISOPHICAL ABOUT IT! NOW TO GIVE YOU MUTHAFUCKAS THE REAL! KARMA IS A BITCH!! It has been said, but only because that shit is the truth! Like for instance: you ever bully or took advantage of somebody when you were younger? Like you could just get whatever you wanted outta this person, all the while you making fun of them, using them and fuckin' them up if they thought of asking for the same treatment in return? ever looked at that person now? As opposed to where you are in life? There are a number of things that can happen...either this person has done so much good for you, that maybe that person is gotten more blessing than they could ever imagine. Or maybe the have taken a certain downfall that they cannot quite get up from. So with all of what you have given that person, you ever stop to think about how your treatment towards that person can affect how your life can go?

Now the gaspsing starts...woooooooo....!! LMFAO You ever wonder why your life is the way it is? Why you're in such great predictments or fucked up situations?! Its the law of the universe...or just common sense to treat others the way you wanna be treated. Cause you don't know who's who nowadays, and how they may benefit you. So that lame ass nigga you happen to beat the fuck up or use...or that goofy ass bitch you just happen to dog oh so wrong?!? ever thought about what could come from you doing that...? Yea, that might've been a co-signer for an apartment. A free admission and V.I.P. Treatment in the club. A business connection. Etc.

The point is....basically Karma is real. So DON'T FUCK WITH IT!! ya feel me?

So here's how I can take your feedback for this one. List an example of how Karma has come around for you....Good or Bad. Share ya thoughts people....

TIL' THE NEXT RANT...This is Anthony D. Ingram Jr. AND I'M SIGNING OUT!!!

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! (the official 1st one)

hmmmm....1st do I start this?

HELLO WORLD!!! HELLO WORLD!! HELLO MY BLOGSPOT CIVILIANS!! There's a lot goin' on in this recession filled world...Job layoffs. Gas prices ranging up and down. Rappers busting they shit on stage.
I know.....the world is all fucked up. No worries, I offer this series for you to let your opinions roam free and relief your stress.

So in this 1st official "Rant of the Week", I was given this topic by a good friend Delainy Denise. It was quite funny how this topic came up...well just read it.

"me: what # on the scale are u ready 4 @ this moment?
i can go mild...or i can just go in!
and is #10 the wildest one?

10 is the wildest cause i can give you what me and my bf were just talking about

oh..and what were y'all just talkin' about?

giving head


u mean about how girls front like they don't..or dudes?

see we sitting here listing to this advice column and this girl said that head is only for your bf or husband it should be 50/50 give and get right but then turns around and says she has never givin or tried to, to any or her bfs. but she let em lick but not return the favor"

See.....I'm tryin' not to be a straight nigga about this. Only because the advice she offered was great. My problem is this. How do you offer advice on a topic you don't practice your damn self?!?! That really made me think. How many bf's has she had in her lifetime? And how has she not let the thought of giving head compute? Even more I'm wondering...WHO ARE THE SUCKERS THAT GAVE HER THE WET TREATMENT AND LEFT DESERT STORM IN THE DRAWERS/?!?

Ladies. If this is your mindstate..."All licky and no Sucky"...prepare for a Lifetime of adding the title "EX-BOYFRIEND" to your resume'. Just as you like getting pleasured, so do we. 50/50 being the key word in this. Every relationship/partnership should take on this practice. It brings in more self reward to know that you're the reason your man/partner is happy. Vice versa. That whole "I don't do that, that's nasty" shit is OLD SON!! In a world where you can lose a man to various reasons (other race woman, ugly woman, prettier woman, other men, tranny's, etc.) you would think you'd see the odds stacked against YOUR happiness.

Be aware that what you won't do...there's always another woman/man/thing who will! (I ain't gay, but look around. others are! lmao) That's the reason a lot of cases of your man cheating happens. DUUUHHH!!! And then YOU get mad, when all of a sudden you left in the dust. Now by no means am I preaching "SUCK EVERY DICK YOU CAN!" But I'm saying...if you have that one...that you trust is gonna be yours, remember that half the battle was getting that man. The other half is keeping him. That's the challenging part.

Now the same goes for guys as well. We can sit here and say, "I don't eat out" or "My tongue touching nothing" It be that same mentality that leaves you with a dry dick!! Sorry to be so vulgar. It's 2009 dude. We all adults here. Everybody's done it at some point. Yea our organs are more external than the females, and yet, they complain about not doing that to us. But some suck it up (no pun intended) and take on that role. If that girl is that one you got, return the favor. Trust, it saves a lot of arguements, and sometimes saves your sexual reputation...cause we ALL KNOW girls talk. lmao

But b4 I leave you...with this state of mind...I wanna 1st off say...Protect yourselfs before anything else. Because there are plenty diseases that can fuck you HIV, HERPES, THE CLAP...AS WELL AS THE INFAMOUS CASES OF "BMS" AND "BDS" (baby mama syndrome, baby daddy syndrome).

With that said, follow this advice...."SHOW LOVE...TO GET LOVE"

If you agree of disagree...leave ya thoughts.

Til' the next rant!!!!! My name is Anthony D. Ingram Jr. and I'M SIGNING OUT!!!