Friday, August 7, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (#2, same week)

YO, YO, YOOOOOOO!! TO THE PEOPLE!! HOW ARE YOU??!! Good Day I'm hoping. Now, this random rant of the week thing. So far, great response. (Apparently, ppl like head in relationships. lmao) Glad to have the ppl participate and state their opinions. 1st off, thanx to ms. Delainy Denise Dalton for kicking off the 1st topic. ;-) lmao Ya dig?

So now, we are one rant in. Going into another one. This one is actually a good topic. This one is brought to you by my mans Jason "JD" Davis aka MR. SIVAD INK. Here we go:

Jason 'Jd' Davis TOPIC: " I'd Like To Know What You Got To Say About KARMA And How One Good Or Bad Deed Can Bring About Another

I Believe That There Is A Certain Balance In The Universe And That What We Do To Affect That Balance Can Bring About Equal Consequences For Us Either Immediately Or Somewhere Down The Line"

Whoooooooooooo!!! This topic is actually touching home base. I truely say have to agree with JD on this one. KARMA is real.....SOOOOOO REEEEAAALLLL! Trust when I tell you, whatever you put out does come back to you. I mean, WHATEVER YOU DO!!! Like whether it's good, or whether it's bad. It always comes back to you. But my opinion on it would usually come from a good propsective......not today.

I really used to look at it as far as putting out nothing but good. I felt that I was so focused on doing good, that even if I did do bad, I'd always outshine it with good. Little did I forget, as I stated b4, WHATEVER I'd put out, would come back to me.Even if I did one small bad thing, it can equal bigger consequences in the long haul. The vice versa goes into the saying of whatever good you put out.

WELL, ENOUGH ABOUT BEING PHILISOPHICAL ABOUT IT! NOW TO GIVE YOU MUTHAFUCKAS THE REAL! KARMA IS A BITCH!! It has been said, but only because that shit is the truth! Like for instance: you ever bully or took advantage of somebody when you were younger? Like you could just get whatever you wanted outta this person, all the while you making fun of them, using them and fuckin' them up if they thought of asking for the same treatment in return? ever looked at that person now? As opposed to where you are in life? There are a number of things that can happen...either this person has done so much good for you, that maybe that person is gotten more blessing than they could ever imagine. Or maybe the have taken a certain downfall that they cannot quite get up from. So with all of what you have given that person, you ever stop to think about how your treatment towards that person can affect how your life can go?

Now the gaspsing starts...woooooooo....!! LMFAO You ever wonder why your life is the way it is? Why you're in such great predictments or fucked up situations?! Its the law of the universe...or just common sense to treat others the way you wanna be treated. Cause you don't know who's who nowadays, and how they may benefit you. So that lame ass nigga you happen to beat the fuck up or use...or that goofy ass bitch you just happen to dog oh so wrong?!? ever thought about what could come from you doing that...? Yea, that might've been a co-signer for an apartment. A free admission and V.I.P. Treatment in the club. A business connection. Etc.

The point is....basically Karma is real. So DON'T FUCK WITH IT!! ya feel me?

So here's how I can take your feedback for this one. List an example of how Karma has come around for you....Good or Bad. Share ya thoughts people....

TIL' THE NEXT RANT...This is Anthony D. Ingram Jr. AND I'M SIGNING OUT!!!

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