Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Rant Of the Week!!! (Week 8, Rant #11)

AYE!! AYE!! AYE!! OKAY!!!-O.J. da juiceman

Well, enough with the mess around, let's get straight to it! RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEERRRREEEE WEEEEE GOOOOOOOOO!!!!

So our topic comes from the big homie Quintell Wright who poses this question: Why do jocks, preps, "bad bitch" bffs & any other goofy cliques exist. Just why?

Jocks. Preps. "Bad Bitch" bffs. Just one of many stereotypes created today's youthful social circles. You see them everytime you walk down the street. Everytime you attend class. Everytime you party at a club. You're going to see one of these collective groups decorating the social scene of today. They pretty much have an effect on individuals as far as style, attitude and behavior. The term "clique" is basically comprised of a group of individuals who come together to socialize based from one common thought that is shared by one another. Usually the substance that bonds them together revolves around at least one superficial belief that holds true to them.

The question that comes to mind is this: Why do they belief that their ways are better than others?Well, let's look through these examples of types of "cliques" that we have: "Jocks", "Preps", "Bad Bitch", "Nerds", "Thugs", "Busdowns", "Rockstar"...well, you get the general idea.

I actually believe that the general base behind these cliques are that these individuals just look for a common place to feel like themselves among people. I mean, people really feel like they have to impress people with things that they think are cool. Almost as if to say, "if I have this, I'm the S**t." People need something to have an edge over others to differentiate themselves from other people.

Most commonly, the cliques are at their most noticed when a certain trend tends to center around their existance. Basically giving them their 15 mins. of fame. A good example of this would be the "Skinny Jean" movement amongst men. There was once upon a time where tight jeans was once used to describe a man as less masculine. Along with trends such as bright colors and accessories, back in the day it wasn't considered as a heterosexual description of a man. Nowadays, ever since The Cool Kids became original going against the fashion grain, especially after a period of being ridiculed for the tight fitting clothing, it seems nowadays it's the new thing.

I state this point, not to go in on trends and the people that follow them, but to further explain exactly how cliques work. You know the saying, "Every dog has it's day". Well that's how it is with cliques. Notice how being a Nerd is the new gangsta. Or how wearing baggy or saggy clothes are the new lame. The Rockstar movement had it's effect for a while. All it takes is for somone to say something different and lead by their examples. It all comes around eventually. This is how you see a new class of society rise and define a period of time.

I'm really kind of indifferent about this topic because I really never saw myself as a part of any cliques. I always made it a choice myself to stand out. I don't like to tie myself down to one category. I tend to think I'm the opposite of everything because that's how I feel the most real. Amongst everybody as well as myself. You know? I don't knock you if you're involved in a clique. It's just the general appearance of a clique comes off as a group of superficial people who only feel good with being around each other. Almost no since of individualism or a sense of self-originality. You know?

So, this topic, I don't really have a conclusion to draw on this. I'd actually like to learn what you think about it. So leave me your feedback. For real, cause I just gave an idea that I think about it. Not neccessarily facts on it. So maybe you can help me.


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