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Yep. It's the MTV EDITION! So we already know where this is going. LOL

9/13/2009-8:00pm ct. MTV has brought to us The Video Music Awards (VMA'S) in New York City. There were plenty of superstars as well as performances. Lots of moments that made this year special, but there were a few highlights that got everybody talking. SO HERE WE GO!

1st off. This should really be what everybody is talking about. We lost an Icon for many of generations. I'm talking about the legendary KING OF POP Micheal Jackson. The award show opened with a very heartfelt speech by Madonna. Reminding us all that Micheal was a King, but also a human.....that we as people were all touched by his music and loved him....but we also abandoned him from those terrible stories that were written about him. Also reminding us that we really didn't appreciate him until we lost him...but his music will forever live on. Following Madonna's speech, a heartfelt montage of Micheal Jackson videos followed by his infamous choreagraphed dance steps (Thriller, Who's Bad, Smooth Criminal). Then came the duet of Micheal and sister Janet Jackson. BANANAS!!! You can tell she was emotionally driven to make her big brother proud. GREATEST TRIBUTE EVER!!!!!

Much love to Janet. R.I.P to Micheal Jackson.

The next following...not so Great! Of course I'm talking about the Infamous Taylor Swift/Kanye West Incident! (DA DA DUUUUNNN)....So Taylor wins the award for best female video. Her 1st major award. Pretty dope. 17 years old with a moon man. Tight. She's baffled..and shocked! And then comes Kanye'. Mr. West. Yeezy. Jumping on stage, apologizing to Taylor b4 hand and saying he'll let her finish, then he begins to share his thoughts. "Beyonce's video was the best video of ALL TIME!" Shrugs...and walks off the stage. LMAO I'll admit. Kanye was pretty damn foul for that one. But I say that not because of what he did. I personally feel it's because of who he did that too. It only appears bogus because of the fact that the winner was 17 years old. She's just a kid. That's the only part I can't get with. I do stress that she did not deserve that. And then, to have to perform right after that?! That's just COLD!

Other than that, I just Laughed!! LMAO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off)!! That's right! Because I figure this: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU (the people) SO MAD FOR?!? IT'S KANYE! What did you expect?!? This is what he does! He says what's on his mind. At all times! Whether he's right or he's wrong. In this case, personally, I think his opinion was correct! Just the wrong time to speak it. Since I'm being real with everybody, he basically said what everybody in the audience and the viewers were all thinking. They were all thinking Beyonce' should have won. Sorry. It is what it is. People act like Kanye was dissing them personally. PISS OFF! Kanye makes good..scratch that. GREAT music. 1st amendment folks. Freedom of speech. You gave him that power. Let him do him. People are too damn sensitive! For real. If this was Lady Gaga (just throwing it out there), or another older name of great importance, y'all wouldn't have said SHIT! Speaking real. Throughout the night, the people begin to boo Kanye whenever they mentioned his name. I personally wanted him to win one award so he could shit on them with kindness. The perfect revenge. So I leave this matter as this: It's Kanye. Love him, or hate him.

This dude Here! LOL Poor Taylor LOL

The next monumental moment came from Lady Gaga. I have no crazy opinion on her.She is talented. She is a great performer. Though in my sick opinon..and this is just my sick opinion...I am frightened of Lady Gaga. Last night's performance frightened me. I did get the message in which she was relaying as she performed her song "Paparatzzi". She was basically explaining that the paparatzzi can drive an entertainer so mad, to the point of death. And even in death, they will still take pictures and be papartzzi. So fame isn't all it's cracked up to be. But this is how you can tell she sent her message perfectly: I think this broad is crazy! The bleeding simultaneously?!? Woooooww. Then her acceptance speech for winning best new artist. "Thank God and Gays". Though I do acknowlege her stepping it up for the Gay community, that's just a common oxymoron you don't put together. And I'd like to give an observation to people...and I'm just giving an opinion here: WATCH THE CROTCH!! (NO HOMO!) I got an urging suspecious feeling Lady Gaga ain't no "LADY" to gaga about. (just saying)

and this don't read strange to you?

There were performances from Paramore, Green Day, and Pink (damn she's sexy). Wale did a great job as the musical guest for the night. Though I feel like the should've showed more love for the man. Kid Cudi did nice with his tribute to DJ AM. Pitbull was cool. Though I didn't like his Kanye comments. Eminem took it home for best male Hip Hop. DOPENESS! EMINEM IS BACK, YOU BASTARDS!!! Oh, and those Em and Tracy Morgan skits were funny.

Beyonce even killed it with her performance. *GASPS* Is Anthony showing love to Beyonce'?! Yes, yes I am. I can't deny a good show. Plus she displayed a great amount of class in accepting her award for Best Video of the Year. (Guess Kanye called it? hmm) She showed her graciousness by letting Taylor Swift finish her acceptance speech. That's big.

B got class. :-)

Now, for MY favorite part of the night. The Big Homie Jay-Z did it again! Strolling in like he's the Hip Hop Obama. He and Alicia Keys perform "Empire State of Mind". Proving exactly why he runs Hip Hop. So while everybody hates on the man, do what he's done. Seriously. LOL His album is the most talked about this year. All the questions. All the debating. He delivered. And Alicia Keys? Sexy. Singing live. Just overall Dope. ........and then Lil' Mama came in. What the hell?! Didn't even know she was at the award show! How the hell did she just jump on stage? I mean, I know what her intentions were. She's from New York. She wanted to show her pride in being from New York. And who doesn't want to stand next to Hova? But don't do that again Lil' Mama. Please and thank you. But throught all of that, Jay wasn't phased. GOD EMCEE FOR REAL!! He's just so cool with it.

Alecia Keys: Wifey :-)
Lil' Mama: WTF?

All and all, throught the good and the bad, this was the best VMA's in years. Russel Brand on the hosting? Outrageous! That is a funny english bastard right there! Yessir indeed! I only wish I could TIVO these moments or DHR as opposed to YouTubing.

Leave ya feedbacks on what you thought about it. I got 2 more rants this weeks.....I'm feeling good.


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