Thursday, September 17, 2009

RANDOM RANT OF THE WEEK!! (Week 7, Rant #10)


Props to BigHomie by the way. What's good people? I promised y'all three rants this week, so now I have to deliver. Here's Rant #2 for this week.....HEEEERRRREEE WEEEE GOOOOOOOO!!!!

This topic comes from a friend who's been peeping my rants, and she gives this topic to rant on:

Shalora Jasper September 9 at 5:52pm
talk about how men & women need to keep the excitement alive in their relationship. not jus sexually but in like everyday things

Ahhhhh....relationships. As if people really believe in THESE things anymore! LOL However, if you do, then this would present a good point. There is nothing worse than a boring routine relationships. You do the same thing, in the same way with no switch-ups. No form of variety in affection nor communication. It's pretty much the closest thing to jail. Too much of one thing can be a bit of an overkill. That's just here's a few suggestions on how to keep relationships alive.

1: Go out.
Not like that regular movie/mcdonald's crib thing. Like Go out. There's so much in life you can explore. Such as museums, plays, concerts, parties, etc. Hell, even simple things such as the lakefront, the park, you know. Make an event out of little things...

2: Become part of the family.
You don't have to always be around each other to feel closer to your partner. You never know what the future holds. Be cool with the family. Think marriage without the marriage, ya dig?

3: Cook.
Can't stress this enough. Cooking is apart of the relationship process. A good way to the heart is thru the NO CHOKE SANDWICHES!! Ladies....I think you know this beter than anybody. But fellas, y'all need to get on it too! Switch it up.

Nothing wrong with a little spoiling now and then. Keeps your partner with something to look forward to each day. Who knows what you go thru in your 24 hours? You know what they say...try a little tenderness.

5: Argue
Hell, everything ain't always gonna be peaches and cream. Don't hold in any frustrations. It's only going to mess you up later. Arguing actually allows your partner to know you have feelings and you're human. You know? Get it out your system.

6: Sex
Yep. I said it. SEX! It's 2009. Not off 1st hand. Maybe it's not your thing until marriage. But we are human, and the weakness of the flesh can get to you. So if you going about this, stay safe first of all. (WRAP THAT SHIT UP, B!!). Make sure it's a dual effort, you can't be selfish. Tend to your partner's needs so that you both can enjoy.

Probably should've listed this as number 1. Conversation is always key in maintaining a relationship. Anytime you can stimulater your partner's mind and keep it going, you're sure to be a keeper.

8: Laughter
Safe to say I'm not going in any particular order because this should've been number 2. You have to have a good sense of humor. Laughter is always a great medicine, even when you feel the need to cry at times. It makes life much easier.

9: Appreciate
Not a lot of us really practice this word. Appreciationg is very vital. There are a lot of people looking for love, especially in terms of finding a potential mate. Not everybody is lucky to have that feeling or know what this is like. So to make sure yours is maintained for a long time, please...PLEASE learn to appreciate your partner for all he/she is. Flaws and all. You know? Cause if you don't, someone else will.

If you follow these other nine steps correctly, it could eventually build and lead to this. Learn the difference between lust, like, and love. See lust is basic sex. Like would be sex combined with only a few of these steps above. However Love.....Love is all of these steps above combined into this one.

I normally would rant and go in on this. But I'm a bit perplexed. Because I have loved, been in love, fell out of love, and back again. Hoping to find that one that just stays. But that's just me personally. I followed all these steps, and I've had good results. But the bonus step I may have forgot to consistancy. You keep it consistant, you'll be very happy for a long time.

Feel free to comment folks. And remember, hit me with your suggestions in the inbox. You dig?

If dogs can do this...damnit, why can't we? LOL


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